The Tarrasch Chess GUI


Tarrasch V3.12a was released recently! See the News Page. Whenever you download and install a brand new version of a program, it pays to check back soon for possible maintenance updates.

The main Triplehappy downloads are;

MillionBase 2.5 comprises 2.5 million games, from ancient to modern (up to Oct 2015). Is provided for use with Tarrasch courtesy of legendary chess programmer Ed Schroder. Many thanks to Ed.

KingBase Lite is a 1.1M game database that (because of its smaller size) is bundled with the main Tarrasch package. It comprises games since 2000 by 2200 or higher rated players. It is provided for use with Tarrasch courtesy of Pierre Havard. Many thanks to Pierre. Pierre publishes monthly updates, you can download and append these yourself from his site. Or you can wait for me to update the Tarrasch version of KingBase Lite here and download that. The last KingBase Lite update I applied was dated 2018-12.

Note: The standalone Kingbase Lite database may be updated more frequently than the version bundled within Tarrasch. But at the moment both versions are the same and include updates theough 2018-12.

Other downloads;

The no install versions are offered for expert users who prefer to go without the convenience of a setup program. It includes the same Tarrasch executable, book and engines as the install version, just unzip anywhere and run.

An older version of the Tarrasch Toy engine is included with the standard Tarrasch packages. The newer version is slightly stronger, but since it uses time better it is less fun to play. Reptor is an older Triple Happy chess program. Reptor is a repertoire memorization training tool. Reptor is no longer under development, but may some keen users still find it useful.

Note that Web Browsers are increasingly paranoid about security and can be reluctant to let you download and run a program like Tarrasch.exe which is not developed by a big corporation. I am sorry, there's nothing I can do about this except reassure you that Tarrasch is a trustworthy program. (Update, November 2016: Actually I have come to realise there is one thing I could do which is to get the Tarrasch distribution properly signed. I will endeavour to find out what is required to do this soon).

Bill Forster
Triple Happy Ltd.